Diesel Fuel Analysis

With the inception of ULSD, numerous changes have been made to Diesel powered equipment. ULSD along with numerous advanced emissions control system improvements have dramatically reduced the amount of nitrogen oxide, soot, and particulate matter emissions each year.

But, the emission improvements brought about many new issues. Customers operating these new clean burning diesel engines have experienced a variety of costly issues.

Among these issues are:

  • Premature Injector failure and wear
  • Water contamination
  • Biological ingestion resulting in filter clogging and equipment downtime
  • Fuel gelling
  • Increased stack emissions
  • Excessive equipment regeneration cycles
  • Loss of power

After years of field research and reverse engineering around equipment failure, Mantek has developed a complete fuel optimization program to encompass the fuel related issues that exist in today’s diesel powered equipment. Mantek engineers have spent years performing field research and utilizing reverse engineering based on equipment failure; to develop a product to address the issues related to ULSD implementation.

First, we sterilize the fuel supply against all algae, bacteria, and fungi. This process not only treats the bulk storage tanks as well as the equipment itself to provide a sterile fuel supply within 8 hours. By eliminating the biological growth in the fuel; our customers experience longer filter life and less downtime. Mantek’s Fuel Quality Assurance program provides savings not only in filter cost but a substantial savings in equipment downtime.

Secondly, we optimize the fuel with 7 different additives; to provide the most effective fuel supply to your equipment. We start with a Cetane improver to provide proper combustion efficiency and reduce stack emissions. With the addition of AA-93 (trademarked) lubricant; Mantek safely increases the lubricity of the diesel fuel without the use of alcohol. We also, use demulsifiers to remove all water from the fuel system to provide proper fuel combustion. Mantek’s detergency package cleans injectors to provide an optimum fuel burn dramatically reducing regeneration cycles of equipment.

To ensure 100% treatment accuracy, laboratory fuel analysis is used. Our state of the art laboratory test for 20 different bacteria, algae, and fungi concentrations. In addition we test base and treated cetane levels, water contamination, and treat rate. Mantek’s Fuel Quality Assurance program takes all guess work out of the treatment process.

Mantek’s patented fuel treatment pump set the standard in the industry for applying treatment to a customer’s fuel source. Our patented pump ensures every load of diesel fuel is treated accurately each and every time.

Mantek provides an all-inclusive program designed to address all the issues prevalent with today’s high performance diesel powered equipment securing a spot as the industry leader.