Aerosol & Specialty Lubes


Chain and Cable Lubricant

Specialty Chain & Cable Dressing for Mining Industry..

QWIK-START™ Aerosol, M/M

Starting Fluid for Diesel and Gasoline Engines

Faster, smoother starts in all sizes of diesel and gasoline engines.

KOOL-SPRA™ Aerosol, M/M

Multi-Purpose, Extreme Pressure Cutting Fluid

All in one formula combines cooling action with lubrication to provide superior performance on even the most difficult operations and hardest metals.


Heavy-Duty Cutting Fluid for Extreme Applications

Advanced formula provides increased lubricity and cooling for low speed, high pressure operations, and hard-to-machine metals. Cherry scent.

ACCEL™ Aerosol, M/M

NSF H1, Silicone Mold Release Agent

Excellent for use as a mold release agent. Effective up to 500°F.

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