CCL-660™, M/M

Premium Performance White Lithium Grease

NLGI #2: Provides outstanding wear protection in a white formulation. From 0°F to 250°F continuous, 350°F intermittent.

CCL-2000™, M/M

Extra High Temperature Synthetic Grease in a Non-Melting Base

NLGI #2: A premium synthetic grease formulated specifically for extreme temperature applications. From -40°F to 300°F continuous, 500°F intermittent.


Multi-Purpose, High Speed, and Low Temperature Applications

NLGI #2: Calcium 12 Hydroxy Stearate grease designed specifically for high-speed bearings up to 55,000 rpm or at very low temperatures down to -60°F. From -60°F to 200°F continuous, intermittent up to 250°F.


Advanced Performance Synthetic Blend Lithium Complex Grease

NLGI #2:From 0°F to 275°F continuous, intermittent up to 450°F.


Bearing Purge Compound and Cleaner

NLGI #2: The only patented bearing purge compound proven to extend bearing life and improve grease performance. Patent # 7,241,723

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